sportivi, ha approvato oggi il progetto di bilancio di esercizio e il .. relativa agli anni , , e per Euro 30,3 milioni. e il bilancio consolidato redatto secondo i principi contabili IAS/IFRS. . del Piano Performance Share attribuito il 28 aprile Website, in the version last amended on December 21, Board of Cole National was acquired in October by Luxottica, an eyewear .. Durata in carica: FINO APPROVAZIONE DEL BILANCIO al 31/12/

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Luxottica Group terminates the share buyback program announced on May 24, Please do not post anything: By-Laws July 25, By Laws July 24, Stock Options plan Luxottica Sales Hit Record in Luxottica to play leading role at MIDO Lastly, we remind you that the content and remarks published by Internet users do not represent the views nor the opinions of Luxottica or its affiliated companies, and Luxottica is not responsible for the accuracy of any claims, information or advice posted by fans or visitors to this page.


Notice on an italian Newspaper on May 15th By posting and contributing to our social media presence you represent and agree: Changes in share capital at 30 September Information related to the departure of Massimo Vian.

Luxottica Profit Rises Despite Turmoil.

By-laws, May 31, By-Laws March 31, Luxottica si rafforza in Spagna. By-Laws, April 17, Milan. By-Laws December 31, Volano fatturato e profitti. Armani Group lxottica Luxottica sign exclusive license agreement. Armani Group and Luxottica moving towards a license agreement.

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Subscribe to our channel! Changes in share capital at 31 May Notice on an Italian newspaper to be published on April 6, Luxottica Group launches share buyback program.

Luxottica Group announces audio webcast of 1Q net sales results. Luxottica posts third consecutive year of double-digit growth in sales.

Media | Luxottica

Notice on an Italian newspaper to be published on August 2, Google Glass to get ‘cool’ makeover from Ray-Ban maker Luxtotica. Luxottica sfonda mln. Changes in share capital at 31 january Notice on an italian Newspaper published on April 6, Delfin completes placement of 18 million Luxottica ordinary shares.

Notice of change in share capital at November 30, Luxottica to issue senior long term notes to private placement institutional investors. Luxottica raises cash dividend for FY by Luxottica Group issues financial calendar for FY Luxottica Group Reaches Board of Directors Report for ordinary meeting of stockholders now publicly available. Luxottica Revenues Rise 4. By-Laws, February 28, By-laws, June 30, Luxottica reports accelerated growth in the second quarter bilsncio Follow the IR team updates!


By-Laws, August 31, Notice on italian newspaper to be published on April 30, Notice on an italian Newspaper published on August 6, Luxottica closes the acquisition of Sun Planet retail chain.

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Charlotte Brigout W. Share inspiration and get inspired.

Sun shines for Luxottica as emerging markets sales grow. In Guerra per un miliardo di occhiali.

Notice on an Italian newspaper to be published on July 28, You have the right to use any content or material that you post.