Series cast summary: Jorge Araneda Hijo de Francisco Álvarez de Pimentel 3 episodes, Raquel Argandoña Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer, La. Colonial Santiago’s most sensational figure was Doña Catalina de los Ríos Lisperguer, better known locally as La Quintrala. Her life was one of sex, money, . Born in in Santiago, Chile, Catalina was nicknamed “La Quintrala” after a red-flowered mistletoe, because of her fiery red hair, and she.

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A classic example of a female psychopath if ever there was one.

La Quintrala was an outright sadist. She murdered her own father, Don Gonzalo de los Rios, by feeding him with a poisoned chicken. She tortured a lover to death in her own quintralx. And when not occupied with killing, she took great pleasure in ferociously flogging her slaves. There are at least 15 confirmed murders to her name, although it is felt that the true number may well be much higher.


For a long time La Quintrala got away with it because of her wealth and her powerful quintgala. She was the sister-in-law of an influential judge.

La quintrala

Any attempts to try and reform her evil ways met with catastrophic failure. She once tried to stab a priest who wanted to redeem her soul.

As time went on La Quintrala seemed to grow increasingly paranoid. She even grew paranoid about a crucifix, claiming that Christ was staring lasciviously at her quinrtala The law did finally catch up with her … sort of. She died at the age of 60, inwhilst under house-arrest.

On her deathbed she ordered that 20, Masses were to be said in her memory. Her house stood empty for many years after her death, as many believed that it was still haunted by her. As many of us tend to have a fascination with wicked women, La Quintrala has inspired an opera by a Danish composer, Lars Graugaard, and in Argentina produced a film about her.

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The story of La Quintrala –

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