IJbrary of Confess Catalcguing-in-Publicalion Da/a Furr, Cirover C. (Grover Cart) Khrushchev Lied: The Evidence That Every “Revelaiion” of Stalin’s (and. Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr; Published by Erythros Press and Media, LLC. Grover Carr Furr III (born April 3, ) is an American professor of Medieval English literature He is mostly known for his book Khrushchev Lied. The book.

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If this were all, we might hypothetically assume that Khrushchev and Mikoian had truly respected Stalin to the point of being in awe of him. Molotov and Kaganovich said similar things in their interviews with Felix Chuev.

Stalin never said that “as we march forward towards socialism class war must sharpen. The disingenuous Introduction notes that e signing the lists comprised “not all the Politburo members but only those of its members who were closest to Stalin” But the evidence sug gests that it was the members of the Party Secretariat rather than the Pol itburo to whom the lists were submitted. They could have interpreted this plan as a threat.

But if it is a copy, as seems likely, where is the original document of which it is a copy?

CPGB-ML » Against revisionism: Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr

khrushcyev T 3J. Stalin neglected Party 31 Chapter 3. Mart – Frvrat Boris Nikolaevsky’s note 8 to this passage reads: We know, from the Urrikh letter cited above, that Kosior and Chubar acknowledged their guilt at trial, though others did not.

Some of them will become clear in the discussion below. The sheer number of major modifications to our common understanding of the Stalin era that are suggested by Furr is dizzying. In addition to the traditional academic documentation through footnote and bibliography I have tried wherever possible to guide the reader to those primary docu- ments available either in part or in full on the Internet. Trotskyism thus re-emerged as a force within the working-class movement and, often trading off its apparently sharp-eyed analysis of the Soviet Union, rose to become one of the most persistent features of the western political spectrum.


As one of Lenin’s long-time secretaries Lidia Fotieva said, Nadezhda Konstantinovna grovsr not always conduct herself as she should have done. But it is hard to khrushcgev why anyone would confess to a capital crime at trial in order to rgover himself!

This is noted by all party workers and by the majority of the representatives of the NKVD. Candidates would be proposed not just by the Communist Party A IP b but also by union-wide social organizations. It was precisely during this period that the practice of mass repression through the Government apparatus was bom, first against the-enemies of Leninism griver Trotskyites, Zinovievites, Bukharinites, long since politically defeated by the party – and subsequently also against many honest Communists, against those party cadres who had borne the heavy load of the Civil War and the furst and most difficult years of industrialization and collectivization, who actively fought against the Trotskyites and the rightists for the Leninist party line.

I have given special attention to a t ‘pology of the falsehoods, or methods of deception that Khrushchev employed. V -kb tsmakk Tom I. Insuch lists containing the names of many thousands of party, Soviet, Komsomol, Army and economic workers were sent to Stalin. He was a great man.

Grover Furr – Wikipedia

But not about Stalin, about led own involvement in Soviet crimes. It should be sufficient to mention that during all the years of the Patriotic War not a single Central Committee plenum took place. Frinovskii explicitly describes Ezhov as demanding that Zakovskii be shot so that Beria would not be able to question him and, possibly, leam khrushcnev Ezhov’s role in massive illegal repressions and in the Rightist conspiracy.


Liibiaiika i KrwiF 19 gtdf.

Grover Furr

See “INidlinnaia istoriia lostfa Stalina? Second, while I agree that Khruschev was also a murderous thug who survived the purges by being a Stalin sycophant much of what he said in the secret speech concealed his own behavior and he did in fact lie. Ihe Soviets could not rely upon British warnings, for the British clearly wanted to set Hider against the Soviet Union and weaken both, if not use the opportunity to make peace with Hitler against the Soviets, as many in the British establishment wanted.

Cornell Univeisily Preass, at notes 78 and In thr exhibition ” god. Therefore, we cannot be certain that these men were guilty. Khfushchev a few cases, Fugr doesn’t even make accusations but rather makes implications and that’s where things really get problematic.

We must assert that information of this sort concerning the threat of German armed invasion of Soviet territory was coming in also from our own military and diplomatic sources; however, because the leadership was conditioned against such information, such data was dispatched with fear and assesscfd with reservation.

Ivar Vangen rated it really liked it Nov 13, Khmshchev implies – and states a little further on — that the repression was driven by Stalin.