Jerry Jampolsky is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jerry Jampolsky and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. In this two-part episode, you will hear an invigorating discussion between Tony and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, as they delve into forgiveness. 44 quotes from Gerald G. Jampolsky: ‘When we think we have been hurt by someone in the past, we build up defenses to protect ourselves from being hurt in the.

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Now there are independent Centers for Attitudinal Healing jery the world on five continents in dozens of countries, offering free services for children, adolescents and adults.

She is also a therapist in private practice, a businesswoman, author, and international lecturer. Jampolsky and Cirincione are married and are members of the faculty of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Together and independently they have authored several bestselling books. Over the last four decades they have been invited to work together in over 60 countries and are recipients of numerous international awards.

Jampolsky also received the Excellence in Medicine — Pride in the Profession Awardfrom the American Medical Association, for his lifetime humanitarian service and for his contribution of Attitudinal Healing jammpolsky the field of health.

In both authors were awarded the Ellis Island Medals of Honor for living lives dedicated to helping others and sharing their personal and professional gifts for the benefit of humanity. Books by Jerry and Diane. We have known for about three years that we would be going to Cuba. Sure enough, in Novemberwe were asked to come to Cuba to give lectures on Attitudinal Healing and the time agreed upon was May 2 -May 9, It was not until we arrived in Havana that we discovered the details of how our invitation came to pass.

It was a journey filled with love and miracles and where every step seemed to be a sacred one including the first one, which actually occurred in A wonderful priest was given a copy of Love Is Letting Go of Fear by a woman who was given it by a tourist.

He jampllsky that it literally changed his life. Before that, he was in conflict because he had two Gods: This priest became interested in Attitudinal Healing and began to apply it in every part of his life.

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Dr. Gerald Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione

For example, he mentioned that a woman who had been coming to confession to him for over twenty-two years always spoke of the guilt of a certain traumatic situation. She found neither peace nor consolation. After the Priest got a grasp of what Attitudinal Healing was all about, he was able to help her let go of her guilt and to stop hurting herself. Years later, he got a copy of A Course in Miracles which has deepened his use and practice of what he offers.

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Dr. Gerald Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione |

In a friend of the priest had her life changed by Attitudinal Healing and she began reading the Course. That year, she wrote Jerry a letter, but never got a reply. Six months ago ten years laterand much to her shock, she found the letter in her home, unsent.

She decided to mail it anyway and, of course, she received a reply right away. The both of them then extended the invitation to us.

The people of Cuba could not have been more loving, gracious and jxmpolsky. For many, the future has a bleak reflection of the past, which feels doomed to repeat itself.


Their lives are filled with many frustrations and challenges, which they often attempt to meet with creativity and even humor. We gave seven lectures. We learned that many others had been reading our books over the years and were meeting in groups to discuss them.

The end result of the trip was a new Center for Attitudinal Healing has started in Havana and one in Santiago de Cuba too. They both are connected and support each other. Our discussions included how it is only our own thoughts that hurt us and that we can choose not to be a victim in the present because of what did or did not happen in the past. We pointed out how forgiveness helps us let go of the painful past and how it helps create a future different from the past. Many of the people had read our books in Spanish and were already conversant with the principles of Attitudinal Healing.

We visited the home of a family that had a twelve-year-old son that had been completely paralyzed since the age of four and was not able to speak. The father said he was like a vegetable. We shared with the family that although children may not be able to communicate in words, they can, in a deeper sense, understand every thing that is going on.

We put a candle over the child and suggested that each family member concentrate on just seeing the Light in the child. We complimented the family for the wonderful love and care they had given their child all these years.

We reminded them that they could always choose to see their child, not as a body, but as a Light; not just as a burden, but as a gift of patience and unconditional love. In doing so they would find peace.

We also reminded the family that their child was in their lives to bring them closer to God. And that it was possible for them to see their child as a special messenger of God teaching them infinite patience.

We stated that the biggest gift they could give their child was their peace and their love. The energy in the room was transformed into a powerful experience of love, joy and peace.

The parents came to our lecture that night and looked like different people. Our dear friend, Dr.

Gerald G. Jampolsky Quotes (Author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear)

Alberto Loizaga, not only lectured with us, but he also translated for Jerry. He did a great job. After the first night that we lectured in Santiago de Cuba in the south, he shared with us what happened to him during the lecture. While translating for Jerry, his stomach became upset.

He thought he would release a little gas from his rectum, but rather than gas it turned out to be diarrhea. And yet he continued to translate. Jerry told Alberto that if he had diarrhea on stage, he would have excused himself in the middle of the lecture and gone to the bathroom. Receive a current copy of The Holy Encounter. It is our interpretation of the Course that underlying all conflict and stress, is an unforgiving thought. But we have egos that constantly tell us that the cause of our distress is from our external world.

We are constantly bombarded, when we listen to the voice of the ego, that the cause of our distress is from external stress.

Many people have been let go where she works, and now she has many added things on her plate. She is angry at the situation.

She is worried that she may be the next one to be let go. She comes home dragging her tail and decides to vegetate. She skips dinner and decides to go right to bed. She feels totally exhausted and depleted. She remains angry at her boss and the world. She feels what has happened is not fair and unforgivable. She decided to escape from the world by watching television. Then the phone rings, and it is her best friend calling. She has just flown into the airport and has four hours till she makes her next connection and wants to know if they can get together at the airport.


She is taking a shower, singing a tune, full of energy and joy. So what changed here? What changed was her attitude about her body. So much of our fatigue, exhaustion and burn-out is caused by our mind-set. The toil of our unforgiving thoughts is tremendous and plays a major role in burn-out.

We believe that the practical spirituality that comes from the Course can solve all of our problems. When we commit ourselves to making forgiveness as important as breathing, we become vigilant in practicing forgiveness every second that we are in this illusory world.

At that time, John attempted to control people through fear and attack. For example, if they failed to make their anticipated budget, John would attack them and make them feel guilty as a way of changing their behavior.

Jerry brought in spirituality by suggesting that he might want to choose to see the errors of employees as mistakes, something to be corrected rather than as a sin that needed to be punished. John chose to do this and the morale and productivity of the company immediately went up.

John was later even able to talk about his own mistakes with others, which encouraged them to feel safer at being vulnerable.

Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione

A more caring and loving attitude in the company resulted. John had been meeting with his lawyers and they had developed with him some defensive maneuvers. John decided to do just that and it turned out to be a very peaceful, productive meeting.

John drove in a limousine and kept a three-by-five card with the lesson Scotch taped to the back of the front seat. A month later the president of an airline was driving with him in his car and asked what the card meant.

John explained it and told him of the story with the stockholders. Can I borrow your card? More recently, business people have taken an interest in spirituality in the business environment. Perhaps some of the reasons for this new interest are the new facts about the cost of stress to a company. Most organizations have no idea how much employee stress costs them each year. Don Goewey, the Executive Director of the International Center for Attitudinal Healing, has researched this area and came up with these facts.

These are the statistics:. Seventy-five people attended and it was extremely successful. More workshops will be offered in The twelve principles of Attitudinal Healing which Jerry borrowed from the lessons in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles were discussed. There were jerey experiential dyads throughout the day particularly around forgiveness. The workshop avoids religious jampplsky such as Holy Spirit and Christ and does its best to jqmpolsky the presentation in a way that it would be generally acceptable to people in business.