Alexandra Keller is Chicago’s most brilliant reconstructive surgeon. Michael Cyprien is New Orleans’ most reclusive millionaire—and in desperate. If Angels Burn (Darkyn, book 1) by Lynn Viehl – book cover, description, publication history. Lynn Viehl (or Jessica Hall, or Gena Hale, or S. L. Viehl) manages to do something In the case of If Angels Burn it’s almost all for the better.

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Alexandra Keller is Chicago’s most brilliant reconstructive surgeon. Michael Cyprien is New Orleans’s most reclusive millionaire–and in desperate need of Dr. Beneath the foundation of a mansion in the heart gurn the Garden District, Alexandra will perform an illegal surgery.

Her patient’s disfigurement is beyond medical repair. But his body’s ability to recuperate from his wounds borders on the miraculous. Alexandra knows Michael Cyprien is no ordinary patient.

Intrigued by how his remarkable physiology might benefit medical science, she is even more compelled by his presence–and the mystery surrounding him and his associates, a cadre of immortals who call themselves the Darkyn. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Alexandra KellerMichael Cyprien. Bunr Orleans, Louisiana United States. To see what your friends thought bunr this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about If Angels Burnplease sign up. Lists with Angdls Book.

Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Oh well, resolutions are made to be broken, right? View all 25 comments. Nov 29, Alp rated it really liked it Shelves: She wrote strong, sassy women who were often involved in a medical profession because, surprise, surprise, the author is a U.

The main character, Alexandra Keller, is a skilled plastic surgeon, said to have the fastest hand in the world. She’s a woman of color, who was adopted – along with her brother – by a rich, privileged white woman, but Alexandra still remembers what it was like to be homeless and living in loveless foster homes, so she has two feet in both worlds.

If Angels Burn

The shadiness of the offer makes her think it’s coming from an unsavory individual who’s probably got his fingers into some very crime-filled pies, so she says no. Then she’s hit on the head and kidnapped, and wakes up in a mansion.

The man in the mansion is horribly disfigured, but his skin has the ability to regenerate. He claims that if Alexandra can cut him a new face fast enough, he will heal back to the way he used to be. The reason he can heal so fast? I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to like Alexandra. I wanted to like Michael Cyprien. I wanted to like everything, so I could say that this dabbing in other genres was a success.


I didn’t like any of it. Viehl is one of my favorite space opera writers! And I love vampires! How could this possibly not have worked? Here are some of the issues I had with this book: The surgery descriptions and medical gore are detailed and gross. I cringed a lot while reading this book. The little old lady sitting next to me on the bus shot me some very curious looks because of all the squirming I was doing in my seat. I actually had to put the book away in my purse for a bit and regroup, which made me feel like a weenie.

The Knights Templar background was cheesy. There’s another vampire series out there that includes a similar story line, called the Brotherhood of Blood. I didn’t care much for it there, either. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy? Priests are the bad guys who like to torture people. Natch, Alexandra’s brother, John, gets mixed up with them. This actually could have been cool, having a brother and a sister become a vampire slayer and a vampire, respectively, if it weren’t for the whole Brotherhood of Ick thing they had going on, what with their torture-happy ways.

Michael Cyprien is a jerk. He comes close by my definition to raping the heroine twice, and he’s always tearing her clothes off and telling her to obey.

The heroine’s reactions to this are ambivalent and not very convincing. I mean, at one point she jokes about it, like, “do I get a say? Where was that emotional connection? There’s a character in here who likes to rape and torture budn.

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl | : Books

Are they descriptive about this miserable joy of theirs? You bet your stars. I give the author props for trying to come up with a somewhat original vampire viebl. I think it could have worked, but the measurements in here were off.

There was too much violence and gore burb not enough romance. If she was going for dark, it should have been written and marketed as straight horror, rather than attempting both categories but doing it by halves. I don’t think I’ll continue with this id. Jun 28, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: I was standing in my local Borders one day looking for someone new to read. I was in the mood angelz something from the Paranormal family having just finished reading two of JR Ward’s books back-to-back.

I had soured on Laurell K. JR Ward wasn’t due for a new book for a six months. And who knows when L. Banks was coming out with her next one. I had enjoyed Richelle Mead and was waiting for her next one to come out as well.


I was on the library waiting list for unread Marjorie Liu’s and I was standing in my local Borders one day looking for someone new to read. I was on the library waiting list for unread Marjorie Liu’s and Nalini Singh’s. So I was somewhere betwixt and between. My problem was that the paranormal genre seems a bit over saturated to me. And to my mind, it takes a bit of intestinal fortitude to wade through the various offerings to weed out the stuff you don’t like just to find the gems you do.

And unfortunately, I had tried quite a few other authors that just didn’t seem to click for me. I really don’t like Feehan’s work and really wish I hadn’t stuck it out so long with Kenyon. Ahgels tried a Lyndsay Sands once but her stuff for me just angwls like a Harlequin with fangs.

Then suddenly I was standing in front of Lynn Viehl’s section. I had lynb some reviews of her stuff where people either seemed to love them or hate them. And the reviews on Amazon completely intrigued me. So I got If Angels Burn. I was instantly hooked. Alexandra Keller is a surgeon who gets kidnapped to perform reconstructive surgery on the face of a reclusive millionaire, Michael Cyprien. A Time magazine article hailing her as being “speedy.

He had been kidnapped and tortured by The Brethren. A secret unsanctioned sect of the Catholic church dedicated to hunting down and eradicating the Darkyn. They anfels the Darkyn’s only vulnerability is to copper and used copper weapons to ruin Michael’s face.

But Michael is a vampire and their viebl ability is legendary. So as they broke the bones in his face, they healed over quickly and grotesquely. His dilemma with getting his face fixed is that he would heal faster than any surgeon could reconstruct him.

Except possibly, Alex “Speedy fingers” Keller. In the meantime, Alex’s brother John is a priest who is being courted by the Brethren. For reasons anegls to the reader, Alex and John are “persons of interest. And during this book they find themselves going down divergent paths. John finds himself tangled up with Brethren, while Alex finds herself tangled up with Michael and the Darkyn.