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Actas de la 4th mesa redonda sobre investigacion en “Lenguas Extranjeras” en la Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana The articles included in this volume were selected as exemplary papers from the conference in Mexico. The goal of the forum was to provide an opportunity for researchers from the three branches of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana UAM to meet and discuss research projects fprestales in progress at the university.

The works presented here…. The accelerator will be dedicated to Material Science but it meant to be open to all fields of science and industry that can profit from bjblioteca kind of installations. Estimated construction time and delivery of the accelerator implies that the first experiments can be performed in the spring Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture in the University: This paper presents a case of collaboration between different types of public services and the private sector for the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

This collaboration is achieved by means of a centre established and developed by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, the Centro de Iniciativas Emprendedoras the Centre for Entrepreneurial…. This special partnership has allowed students from Mexico and the United States to study two master degree programs, in two languages, in two…. The Fisica Pato2 Physics 4 every1 outreach group started as a need of hands-on activities and active Science demonstrations in the education for kids, teenagers and basic education teachers in Nuevo Leffon maintaining a main objective of spread the word about the importance of Optics and Photonics; for accomplish this objective, since November several outreach events are organized every year by the group.

The program Optics 4 every1 is supported by the Facultad de Ciencias Fisico Matematicas of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and the International Society for Optics and Photonics and consist in quick hands-on activities and Optics demonstrations designed for teach basic optical phenomena related with light and its application in everyday life.

Duringwith the purpose of celebrate the International Year of Lightthe outreach group was involved in 13 different events and reached more than 8, people.

The present work explains the activities done and the outcome obtained with this program. By design, it must be completed in four years 12 trimesters and, in the latter three, the senior students work on a BME project, which is done by completing three modules: Currently, the module is being taught by two faculty members of the BBME, who instruct students on how to develop their EPPs and evaluate their progress by reviewing a number of EPPs during the trimester.

This generates a huge workload for the module instructors, which makes it necessary to involve more faculty members trimester-to-trimester i. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to present an assessment strategy in the form of an assessment matrix for the PS module as well as some preliminary results after two trimesters of its implementation. Lightcurves for five asteroids were measured at the Via Capote Observatory from May through August The combination of refinement and decomposition The guide presents the newly-developed curriculum of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana at Iztapalapa Mexico for its program in English as a foreign language.

An introductory section provides background information on the initiative to design a new curriculum. The second section presents the principles on which the curriculum and its methods…. Development of a photonics outreach and education program through partnerships at Universidad Metropolitana for Puerto Rico and the IYL.

As the only photonics center in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean we have developed since and for the International Year of Light a comprehensive education and outreach program. We show how we have successfully reached an audience of more than 9, including K students and teachers, general public, and specialized audiences, by partnering with other institutions and private companies to maximize resources.

  ANSI B18.2.3.5M PDF

We present our experience, challenges, rewards and results or our activities and the types of partnerships we developed with institutions and private companies that were fundamental to achieve our goals. This document is an English-language abstract approximately 1, words of a survey of Mexican medical education needs for the future. It also wants to distribute the information….

universidad autonoma metropolitana: Topics by

To calculate the frequency and factors associated with external workplace violence EWV against doctors in health inpatient services in the metropolitan area of Lima Spanish: Lima MetropolitanaPeru. The frequency trilinhual EWV was measured throughout the entire professional practice during the previous 12 months and during the last month. Variables related to the doctor, assailant, and health service were measured.

Raw and adjusted prevalence ratios PR were calculated by means of a Poisson-family generalized linear model with non-parametric bootstrapping. A flrestales of doctors participated; The chances of being threatened in the last 12 months increased if the doctor was male adjusted PR [aPR]: Age, years of professional practice, or being a medical resident were not associated with EWV.

In the hospitals studied, a large number of doctors have been victims of EWV. Working in dxperiencias services increases the possibility of violence. Implementation of support, identification, and primary prevention strategies in hospitals is recommended.

The prevalence of fluorosis in children is associated with naturally occurring water fluoride concentration in Mexico. Fluorosis trilinguall dental caries in Mexican schoolchildren residing in areas with different water fluoride concentrations and receiving fluoridated salt.

Caries Res ;47 4: Other evidence Not applicable.

Interpretation of Phonocardiograms by computer. In the field of Cardiology have been identified several heart pathologies associated with problems in valves and narrowing in veins.

Each case is associated with a specific sound emitted by the heart, detected in cardiac auscultation. On the Phonocardiogram, sound is visualized as a peak in the wave. In the Optics Laboratory of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana – Azcapotzalco, we have developed a simulation of the Phonocardiograms of heart sounds associated with the main pathologies and a computer program of recognition of images that allows you to quickly identify the respective diseases.

This is a novel way to analyze Phonocardiograms and the foundation for building a portable non-invasive cardiac diagnostic computerized analyzer system. An analysis of academic activities of college faculty at the eight campuses of Chile’s Universidad Tecnica del Estado was conducted. Activities were grouped into seven categories: Strategic Planning for Institutions of Higher Education: Ten-year development plans of each of the eight campuses of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, formerly called Universidad Tecnica del Estado, are evaluated, using content analysis.

In addition to narrative descriptions, diagrams illustrate the features of each plan, which covers the period Topics covered by the plans were grouped….

33BioTecnologia Mexico – Documents

Digital Learning in Higher Education: This paper uses qualitative evidence to describe, explore and discuss the progress of the online teaching training course taught at the Universidade Aberta to Portuguese and foreign professors of higher education institutions. As this is an entirely online course, its pedagogical design results from the combination of the basics of open distance….

In order to bring about some continuity and coherence among the various English for Special Purposes ESP courses at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, a systematization project was undertaken. The purpose was to provide general guidelines for the production and future revision of materials while taking into account the specific characteristics of…. Astrophysics education at Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico: From children popularization to posgraduate courses.

Astrophysics growing group of the Universidad de Guadalajara situation is shown. Facilities and some exercises are shown.

33BioTecnologia Mexico – Documents – PDF Free Download

conafpr The Universidad Nacional Abierta of Venezuela. A brief description of the country of Venezuela geography, population, economy, internal communications, and politics and its educational system introduce a description of the Universidad Nacional Abierta UNA.


The UNA was opened in July to expand the national system of higher education by the use of distance learning techniques. Historic-social research aiming at: The results discussion was guided by Pierre Bourdieu. Forwstales the ‘s, Education Ministry Department of University Subjects undertook efforts to create nursing courses in federal universities.

Experience the magic of light and color: It was aimed to boys and girls with ages between 8 and 13 years and was called “Experience the magic of light and color”.

The experiehcias purpose was to bring the children some basic concepts on optics and to encourage them to explore science through optics. The Universidad del Valle Student Chapters designed a series of talks and practical workshops where children participated in hands-on experiments that easily explain the fundamental concepts of light phenomena. Afterwards the children presented their achievements in a small science fair offered to the community and tried to foorestales in their own words what they learned and built.

In this work, we present the most successful experimental designs and the educational standards we tried to develop with this activity.

Results obtained from sample testing of swines from a number of Mexican farms were analyzed. Such samples had been received in the Leptospira Lab of Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana de Xochimilco from to Sera with titers equal to or higher than 1: The bratislava serovariety has been reported as the cause of reproductive failure in several countries and it holds the first place in serological studies.

Therefore, the present paper provides information for stating that this is one of the most significant serovarieties in Mexico. To learn the opinions of university students of four different areas on the impact of science and technology on society. One Hundred and sixty three close to graduate students of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana campus Iztapalapa, distributed as follows: Administration 59, Biology 50, Social Sciences 36 and Engineering For the survey we translated into spanish part of a questionnaire employed in several countries to explore ideas on the bibliooteca of science and technology on society of several groups.

It contained general questions such as. Do you believe that science and technology are equally good or bad to society, or degree of knowledge of several technologies such as computation experoencias in vitro fertilization.

It includes also more specific questions, such as would your have problems with the use of genetically modified vegetables? The results suggested that Administration and Social Sciences students had less interest in Science and Technology than the other, and fkrestales in general, the knowledge of all students is rather limited including biotechnology, genetic enginering and gene therapy. We compared the results with those obtained previously in a group of Mexican Physicians and Biology students from India, Thailand and Singapor.

Spain: Madrid

Non-target adjacent stimuli classification improves performance of classical ERP-based brain computer interface. Several alterations to the visual stimuli presentation system have been developed to avoid unfavorable effects elicited by adjacent stimuli.

However, there has been little, if any, regard to useful information contained in responses to adjacent stimuli about spatial location of target symbols. This paper aims to demonstrate that combining the classification of non-target adjacent stimuli with standard classification target versus non-target significantly improves classical ERP-based speller efficiency.

This new feature extraction procedure and vob classification method were carried out on three open databases: A gain in mean single trial classification of 9. We have provided further evidence that the ERPs produced by adjacent stimuli present discriminable features, which could provide additional information about the spatial location of intended symbols.

This work promotes the searching of information on the peripheral stimulation responses to improve the performance of emerging visual ERP-based spellers.