PKG FGI ASSY HP LaserJet M SSA (scanner assembly) CB HP LaserJet M ADF cover replacement kit Service manual (this manual). Manuals or user guides for your HP LaserJet Mnf Multifunction Printer. Use the convenience stapler (HP LaserJet Mnfs mfp only). .. HP service agreements. Manual: The user must press the Start Fax button or.

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HP shall not be liable for technical you do not know whether the outlet is Systems Incorporated. Recommended installation for Windows Manua the tray 2 pickup roller Top face-down output bin Scanner and ADF assemblies List of tables Table Product guides Figure Clean the ADF pickup-roller assembly 4 of Figure Engine control system Figure Remove the speaker 1 of Figure Scanner assemblies To check the product status and settings, and to view problem-solving information and online documentation, use the HP ToolboxFX.

See the user guide for more information about software installation. Control panel Shift Fax controls. Use the laserjrt controls to change commonly used fax settings.

Use the alphanumeric buttons to type data into the product control-panel display and dial telephone numbers for faxing. Setup and cancel controls. Use these controls to select menu options, determine the product status, and cancel the current job. Serial number and model number location The serial number and product model number label is on the rear output bin door at the back of the product.

The following printer drivers are provided. If the printer driver you want is not on the product CD or is not available on www.

HP LaserJet M2727nf Multifunction Printer User Guides

Express installation supports faxing by using the control panel. HP ToolboxFX provides links to product status information and Help information, such as the user guide, and tools for product problem-solving. When the document is loaded into m22727 ADF and the computer is connected directly to the product, HP Director appears on the computer screen to initiate faxing, scanning, or changing settings on the product through Macintosh Configure Device. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. Macintosh To remove the software, drag the PPD files to the trash can.

See the user guide for information about using media correctly. This product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media.

To obtain best print results, select the appropriate paper size and type in the print driver before printing. Do not use media with staples attached. Use only transparencies that are specified for use with HP LaserJet printers.

Do not use paper that is embossed or coated and is not designed for the temperature of the image- fuser. HP manufactures a media that is designed for the product.

HP parts for CBA LaserJet mnf multifunction printer

Operating environment Mannual the product on a sturdy, dervice surface in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that the air vents are not blocked and that the product is installed away from direct sunlight, open flames, and ammonia fumes. Store or install the product in an area that meets the following requirements: Start guide and support flyer CD-ROMs software and online user guide sheet media input tray optional tray 3, standard on the HP LaserJet Mnfs only Control-panel faceplate if not already installed Installing the supplies for example, the print cartridge is similar to replacing them.


Align the two tabs on the input tray with the grooves in the ADF. Slide the tray into the grooves until the tray snaps into place. Close the ADF cover. Always install the sheet m22727 tray 3 in the location where the product will remain. The assembled combination is heavy, and cannot be easily moved. Place the sheet feeder tray 3 on a sturdy, level surface. Using the alignment pins at the corners of the tray as a guide place the product on top of the tray.

Install the control-panel faceplate NOTE: The control-panel faceplate might already be installed. Lift the scanner cover. Align the control-panel faceplate with the product. Beginning in the center of the faceplate and working outward, press the manusl until it snaps into place.

Lasernet the best-quality scans, use the flatbed scanner. To load m727 onto the flatbed scanner Make sure that the automatic document feeder ADF contains no media. Place the original document face-down on the flatbed scanner glass with the upper-left corner of the document at the lower-right corner of the glass.

Insert the stack of originals into the ADF input tray top-edge-first, with the media stack face-up and the first page to be copied on the top of the stack. You can use tray 1 to print the first page on media different from segvice remainder of the document. Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into mznual product and that the print is not skewed crooked on the media. When using one of the trays for a specific size of paper, you can set the default size for the tray in HP ToolboxFX or from the control panel.

When you select that size of paper for a print job in the print dialog, the product automatically selects that tray for printing. Touch any metal part of the product or other grounded metal before touching the DIMM.


Close the DIMM door. Reconnect all cables and cords, and then use the power switch to turn on the product. Print a configuration page, and then verify that the Memory section shows the new memory amount. The following table lists approximate schedules for replacing consumables.

LaserJet print cartridge boxes. Labels and bulk boxes are also available through the Web site www. Use kanual label to return empty, original HP LaserJet print cartridges only. Please do not use this label for non-HP cartridges, refilled or remanufactured cartridges, or warranty returns. ,aserjet

Printing supplies or other objects that are inadvertently sent to the HP Planet Partners program cannot be returned. Partners supplies recycling program. This record number represents 26 million pounds of print cartridge materials diverted from landfills. Plastics and metals are used to make new products such as HP products, plastic trays and spools. Replace print cartridge Open the print-cartridge door.


Grasp the handle on the print cartridge and then pull the cartridge straight out to remove it. See the recycling information inside the print cartridge box. Remove the new print cartridge from its packaging, remove the orange cover from the print cartridge, and then pull the orange tab straight out to remove the sealing tape. Close the print-cartridge door. If toner gets on any clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash the clothing in cold water. Hot water sets toner into the fabric.

Load staples Each staple cassette holds 1, unformed staples. Open the stapler door.

Opening the stapler door disables the stapler. Instructions and replacement staples part numbers are listed on the msnual door. If you are replacing a staple cassette for example, if the staple cassette has run out of staplesremove the staple cassette from the product.

Failure to correctly complete this procedure might cause damage to the product. Perform the following tasks before beginning this procedure: Reach into the area that you exposed when you removed tray 2. Pull the white tabs outward, and then rotate the roller-retaining collars up. Push down on the green tab to release and lower the duplex assembly to expose more of the roller. Remove the pickup roller.

Figure Replace the tray 2 pickup roller 4 of 7 Insert the left side of the replacement pickup-roller shaft into the left slot callout 1and then insert the right side shaft the side with the notch into the right slot callout 2.

HP LaserJet M2727 MFP Series Service Manual

Figure Replace the tray 2 pickup roller 5 of 7 Rotate the roller shaft until the notch engages with the drive shaft and clicks into place. Place the left retaining collar over the end of the roller shaft, align the tab on the collar with the slot in the plastic bracket, and then slide the collar toward the pickup roller. Figure Replace the tray 2 pickup roller 6 of 7 With the tab on the right collar aligned with the slot on the plastic bracket, slide the collar towards the pickup roller.

When you move the product into this position, the scanner cover can open suddenly and be damaged. You must support the scanner cover to keep it from opening. Perform the following tasks after completing this procedure. Replace the tray 2 and optional tray 3 separation pad Remove tray 2 or tray 3. Figure Replace the tray 2 or tray 3 separation pad 1 of 6 Locate the separation pad.

Figure Replace the tray 2 or tray 3 separation pad 3 of 6 Remove the separation pad. Before you remove the separation pad, take note of how it is positioned in the tray. Install the replacement separation pad.