Banshee 4 · Cypis · Disco Polo lato · Dokumenty · Gang Albanii – (Remix) · Henryk Sienkiewicz – Potop · Henryk Sienkiewicz – Quo Vadis · Scene of the historical novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz (Quo Vadis), entitled. Audiobook Quo Vadis Download Chomikuj Quo Vadis Free Mp3. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Quo Vadis, by Henryk Sienkiewicz This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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Word ’audiobook’ in many languages. (Links & Internet Resources) Language Learning Forum

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Message 1 of 45 02 February at 7: I think the topic deserves its own thread, so – here it is. The purpose of this thread is to make finding audiobooks easier; the list of resources also has links to free and commercial audiobook sites. Similarly, ‘unabridged’ is an extremely important word, at least if your purpose in getting an audiobook is to listen-read it.


Please chime in with any other ways to say audiobook and unabridged!

In my opinion, the most accurate term is “Entzuteko liburua” which literally means “a book to be listened to”. My source is http: There may be some hernyk.

» quo vadis torent

With a little more digging you chomkiuj find them in other languages as well. For swedish “ljudbok” and “talbok” is absolutely correct but I would like to add “CD-bok” as well that is the most frequently used one were I live.

In Swedish Ljudbok and Talbok are slightly different. They are read in a clear voice and correspond very well to the written books they are based on i.

They are often read in a neutral, emotionless or “boring” voice, with no dramatization or music. However, the actual requirement on the disability is very lax.

It basically boils down to your own judgement. Examples are bad eye-sight, too weak to hold a book comfortably it can even be temporary. Being a non-native in itself speaker is not considered sufficient.


Basically, it’s enough to answer “yes” to the question “do you have any kind of reading disability? Message 2 of 45 02 February at 7: Message 3 of 45 02 February at 7: Message 4 of 45 02 February at 7: Message 5 of 45 02 February at 7: Message 6 of 45 02 February at 7: What do you mean by writing “GazetaWyborcza”?

Artist Reviews

That’s the name of a daily. Message 7 of 45 02 February at 7: GazetaWyborcza returns a lot of audiobook rars on eMule ;I see Goethe and some sienkieeicz Polish words that I don’t recognize.

BTW, are those works good for Listening-Reading? Message 8 of 45 02 February at 9: For Spanish, “libro hablado” seems to get better results than libro audio Also, avoid computer generated audiobooks, “voz humana” stands for human voice or try here http: Copyright FX Micheloud – All rights reserved No part of henyk website may be copied by any means without my written authorization.