Se requiere el factor intrínseco para la absorción de la vitamina B A menudo, la anemia perniciosa se relaciona con un ataque de origen autoinmunitario de. intrinsic factor – Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Las proteínas del factor intrínseco de Castle ayudan al cuerpo a absorber y usar . Translate “factor intrínseco” to English: intrinsic factor, glycoprotein secreted by the gastric mucosa, IF Spanish Synonyms of “factor intrínseco”.

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Intrinsic factor IFalso known as gastric intrinsic factor GIFis a glycoprotein produced by the parietal cells of the stomach.

It is necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12 later on in the ileum of the small intestine. Haptocorrin also known as HC, R protein, and transcobalamin I, TCN1 is another glycoprotein secreted by the salivary glands which binds to vitamin B Vitamin B 12 is acid sensitive and in binding to transcobalamin I it can safely pass through the acidic stomach to the duodenum.


Intrinsic factor

The intrinsic factor is secreted by the stomach, and so is present in the gastric juice as well as in the gastric mucous membrane. In pigs it is obtained from the pylorus and beginning of the duodenum ; [11] in human beings it is present in the fundus and body of the stomach.

In pernicious anemiawhich is usually an autoimmune diseaseautoantibodies directed against intrinsic factor or parietal cells themselves lead to an intrinsic factor deficiency, malabsorption of vitamin B 12and subsequent megaloblastic anemia. Mutations in the GIF gene are responsible for a rare inheritable disease called intrinsic factor deficiency which results in malabsorption of vitamin B In most countries, intramuscular injections of vitamin B 12 are used to treat pernicious anemia.

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anemia perniciosa y enfermedad de gaucher by Azul Ceballos on Prezi

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Available structures PDB Ortholog search: Chromosome 19 mouse [2]. Fluids Bile Pancreatic juice.