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DA 2 FORM 1 JUL 79 TEAR ALONG DOTTED LINE BE EXACT PIN POINT WHERE IT IS from MSC at Jacksonville State University. DA Form Hand Receipt/Annex Number. DA Form Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet DA Form Equipment. Mail your letter, DA Form (Recommended Changes to. Publications and Blank Forms) or DA Form located in back of this manual.

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R E P L A C E – The act of substituting a serviceable like type part, sub-assembly, or module component or assembly for an unserviceable counterpart. If surface area missing paint is larger than one square inch, touch up painting is required. Preparation for The following items must be completed or considered prior to storing the equipment: Overhaul does not normally return an item to like new condition.

R E P A I R – The application of maintenance services inspect, test, service, adjust, align, calibrate, replace or other maintenance actions welding, grinding, riveting, straightening, facing, remachining, or resurfacing to restore serviceability to an item by correcting specific damage, fault, malfunction, or failure in a part, subassembly, module component or assemblyend item, or system.

As applied to nuclear radiation, the term intensity is sometimes used to express the exposure dose rate at a given location in roentgens or milliroentgens per hour. Feel free to share, republish, sell and so on.


The column describes the steps to be followed in order to replace and repair the damaged item. The administrative storage site should provide required protection from the elements and allow for visual inspection and exercising when applicable. Handle the test sample by the active colored end. Six 228-2 Batteries 1.

da form –

I am not asking you for donations, fees or handouts. Shielding – Any material or obstruction which absorbs radiation and thus tends to protect personnel or materials from the effects of a nuclear or atomic explosion. Otherwise, use regular paper for your report.

Inspect glass surfaces for cracks or scratches that would impair ability to obtain accurate readings. Before placing an item in administrative storage, the next scheduled preventive maintenance checks and services should be performed, all known deficiencies corrected, and all current modification work orders applied.

If you find anymistakes or if you know of fork way to improve the procedures, please let us know.

Da Form 2028

The TM HR consists of. Should you receive spare tubes by mistake, return to stock immediately. Nomenclature plates and equipment labels are also identified.

Radiacmeter Probe 1 Inspect for grease, dirt and fungus. This manual cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, not all tests or inspections and corrective actions. Painting 1 Check painted surfaces for missing, blistered or chipped paint.


Cleaning To clean the Radiac Set surface, wipe with a soft, damp cloth to remove grease, dirt and fungus. TM Procedures for destruction of electronic materiel to prevent enemy use Electronic Command.

Inspect the equipment for damage incurred during shipment. Administrative storage covers the storage of equipment which can be readied for mission performance within 24 foorm. Inspect for broken clasps or handles.

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INSTALL – The act of emplacing, seating, or fixing into position an item, part, module component or assembly in a manner to allow the proper functioning of the equipment or system. Replace or repair as necessary. If your radio or associated equipment needs improvement, let us know.

Indicates the amount of radiation detected by the probe on a scale. Reportif you can obtain this form. Refer to TM for specific instructions on the control, safe handling, inspection, storage, and disposition of the test sample. B-1 TM i. Use Table to perform preventive maintenance checks and services to be sure that the Radiac Set is always ready for use.