Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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The Cisco meeting presentations in our downloads section are mostly from our monthly Cisco User Group meetings. The most recent are listed first.


Please contact the presenter listed in the presentation for copyright and distribution information. MRA extends office connectivity to on-the-go and remote employees, providing a seamless experience to customers when they are outside the enterprise network. This feature allows external Cisco Jabber mobile users and Cisco Telepresence endpoints to securely access video, voice, contents, voicemails, instant messaging IMand presence without the need to connect through a VPN.

During the session, the basics of how MRA works, various deployment scenarios, Expressway basic configuration elements, DNS, and certificate requirements will be discussed.

After this session, you will be able to configure and troubleshoot the MRA solution with ease and time to spare. This is a mini hand-on lab cksco so bring your cisc loaded with your Python tools and WLAN connect to an isolated lab system no Internet nteworkers, totally isolated for this hands-on lab system. Not only will you write your own scripts follow Jeffyou will also have the opportunity to access real equipment to validate your newly created scripts do work!

This workshop will cover all the essentials of the Python Language that you need to get started. It will also work through using Libraries to perform common tasks such as parsing JSON and other data formats and will even provide an Introduction to Git. Attendees will need to bring their Laptops with the Python Interpreter and PyCharm already cico and ready to use.

Please refer to that presentation for instructions for downloading and installing the Python Interpreter, PyCharm. We will also send out these instructions as well as any programming examples to be used by the presenter in the next DFWCUG Newsletter.

Understanding EVPN deployment and how it replaces a traditional layer2 and layer3 functions in your data center will also help you understand the mechanics of all VXLAN related technologies.

So easy you will be able to explain it to your Grandmother. This talk will discuss how to use Netmiko to enable network automation. Various Netmiko use cases will be discussed including connecting to devices, retrieving information, making configuration changes, and troubleshooting. The talk will ntworkers discuss using Netmiko-tools, a set of command-line tools based upon Netmiko. The goal of this Workshop is not to actually teach the fundamentals of the Language. Although we will provide numerous links to excellent resources nstworkers learn Python.

This includes installing the latest Python compilers both 2.

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ?

By the end of this Workshop, the attendee will have all the key tools loaded onto their laptop and have a basic understanding as to how presenrations make use of them. They will also have a quick exposure to the Python Language via some simple examples “Hello World” and other examples and will have access to additional resources to learn the Python programming language.

When attackers target an organization they will generally execute a multi-phased attack: Reconnaissance, Exploitation, Infection and then Manipulation. Many times, zero-day exploits run wild from years before being discovered and characterized. Then a signature hash can be leveraged for traditional Anti-Virus scanning engines. Ethical hackers come from different backgrounds: In this talk we will discuss how the decisions you are making today may influence your area of expertise.


We will also cover the different paths, certifications that matter, jobs that will help you towards the area you wish to specialize in and what skills you should be concentrating in while netwokrers school.

Finally, we will go over expectations of becoming a penetration neetworkers, we will touch on women within penetration testing and give presentztions an idea of what to expect in the real world. I have stumbled through security with no guidance for most of life. Let me stop you from making my mistakes and wasting money in certifications that wont take you very far. Cisco was caught a bit flat-footed in the rpesentations days of SDN, first denying that it would ever amount to anything.

Only later, after a flood of startups and open initiatives proved its importance, did Cisco take the SDN plunge.

While a few startups such as Apstra and Veriflow have recently come out of stealth mode, Cisco turned heads this past June with its announcement of its own IBN initiative. IBN is, simply, an application of machine learning and analytics to the orchestration of networks. This presentation examines the history behind IBN, the essential components of an IBN system, takes netaorkers look at where IBN is leading the industry and what it means for your career. Enhancing Orchestration with Operational Automation.

Finally, the Pronghorn Application Platform utilizes interaction with other support systems to allow for a single pane of glass that exposes the capabilities of multiple southbound systems in a common operational view.

Fast, Simple, and Powerful Network Deployments. IT teams are being asked to do more with less: To transition to a wireless office and support remote working.

To enable massive device expansion and constant digital collaboration. To provide zero downtime and constant change. Technology allows society to accelerate exponentially. Companies are embracing IoT to enhance their business plans. Due to many difficult challenges, some IoT Security Alliances networkees begun to form. Finally, security companies are now proposing IoT security architectures to complement Enterprise solutions.

We will review and discuss all these topics.

As we enter into the era of software-defined everything, where mobile and fixed infrastructures undergo rapid and dynamic change, is time to invest in and modernize existing service assurance Analytics platforms. The next generation service assurance should be able to understand and co-relate the events from the entire stack cutting across physical and virtual resources.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator NSO is an lresentations software platform that helps deliver high-quality services presenttaions and more easily to your customers through network automation. It is capable of delivering services across your multivendor network.

NSO is used in many service provider networks today to automate services across traditional and virtualized networks.

Santiago is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems focused on network routing and programmability. The controller uses a common protocol – OpenFlow when communicating to the devices. We’ll start by looking at OpenFlow traffic, the initial stages of networ,ers between OpenFlow enabled switches and the SDN controller, see examples of OpenFlow comms using applications on the SDN controller for configuring the switch for flows, and demonstrations showing how a switch processes traffic based on OpenFlow programming and standard switch operations – this is known as prresentations SDN”.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their laptop with Wireshark installed min v2. You will use built-in Wireshark OpenFlow display filters and create color definitions to assist in recognizing OpenFlow traffic quicker. Ndtworkers APIs allow the network programmer to focus on the underlying structure of the device configuration and operational data.

They presfntations protocols, transports and encodings, plus they free the programmer from having to master the specifics of YANG. The session will end with a demonstration of the simple Python script using model-driven APIs to configure router using an OpenConfig data model. Do you know what the Router Advertisement is configured as? Do you have “rogue” IPv6 routers on your network?

Are the IPv6 enabled clients complaining of “slowness”? Many technologists use Wireshark for validation of network and troubleshooting.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free –

This session will briefly review IPv6 basics and then dive into configuring Wireshark to assist in viewing IPv6 more effectively. Wireshark configuration profiles, display filters, and color rules can provide specific focus when troubleshooting reported IPv6 problems, and how to effectively and expeditiously presentztions what could be the root cause.


This is a 2-Part series December and January meetings and everyone is encouraged to bring their laptop with Wireshark installed min v2. Many technologists use Wireshark for network validation and troubleshooting. This session will cover IPv6 basics and then dive into configuring Wireshark to assist in viewing IPv6 more effectively. Configuration profiles, display filters, and color rules will be discussed and demonstrated to aid the understanding of what you will be seeing.

Once the Certifications are achieved, career advancement and enrichment are also real possibilities. Join Anthony and Keith in this action-packed session on the top tips for crushing Certification exams in the Cisco portfolio. Get your notepads presentatiosn as detailed, time-proven techniques are revealed for mastering both written and performance-based Cisco Certification exams.

And be sure to bring your questions as presemtations Keith and Anthony have been training Cisco since and cannot wait to field queries in the areas of Certification and beyond. Many international organizations already have IPv6 networks, some organizations are working on their transitions to IPv6 and others are contemplating what IPv6 means to them.

Many computer OS’s now default to running both IPv4 and IPv6 which could lead to security vulnerabilities if one is not prepared. This session will cover the overview of IPv6 security threats and protection measures. This session will cover recently released IPv6 attack tools that target the Neighbor Discovery Protocol NDP and how Ethernet switch manufacturers have created protection measures.

Come join us for as we explore many of the new concepts in this new software networking evolution. We will cover some of the current trends in networking related to open source software and do a basic introduction of many new concepts in this space. We will also explore many of the new skill sets that will be required to run networks in the years to come. The Cisco Outbound Option application, with its combination of outbound dialing modes, enables call centers to manage outbound calls.

The ability for agents to handle both inbound and outbound contacts offers a way to optimize contact center resources. The Cisco Outbound Option application provides outbound dialing functionality along with the existing inbound capabilities of Netwprkers Unified Contact Center Enterprise.

This application enables the contact center to dial customer contacts and direct contacted customers to agents or IVRs.

With Outbound Option, you can configure a contact center for automated outbound activities. We will also show how to enable traces in the components and how to read them. For ICM, we will cover only few of the components.

At the end of the session you will have a good understanding of the details as to how IP Multicast truly works and will be better positioned to survive alone and unafraid in the Multicast Wilderness rpesentations nothing but your wits and your new found knowledge of PIM. Then extract it to your GNS projects dir, ie, C: They have some great videos on this subject.

This presentation will take you through what VIRL is, how to obtain it, how to install it, how to use it and the many features of this fantastic virtual network simulation tool. If pdesentations is the case, this is one presentation that you surely won’t want to miss. This presentation is about Software Defined Networking in the Data Center with a focus on Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure and the open standards the make it tick.