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Please select which newsletters you would like to receive. You can update these preferences at any time via your profile. For the size of the place the tax fonciere is quite reasonable, but then more than half of it is not habitable no windows for example!

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Since then I have not really improved the house but just concentrated on the garden, sewage etc. On both occasions the tax office not only asked for details of the changes but also asked for a complete declaration of what cerfz in the house surface area, insulation, numbers of bathrooms, heating etc. I refused to complete this as I stated that there had been no changes to the house.

They accepted this and the tax fonciere bill did not change much. However now I am under family pressure to put in a second bathroom and maybe a third or forth and also some central heating currently nonegranny flat etc. Before I make these additions it would be useful to know how much tax 6560 would pay for these improvements.

For example I would not pay Cera per year for another bathroom, but I might be happy to pay an extra Euro 50 per year. Are you sure you mean fonciere and not habitation tax?

Different areas charge different rates. No pool of course, and no new windows, etc. Everything else was the same when I purchased…….

As Chancer says, the dreaded H1 Form. Then came the dreaded H1 Form which being a nice guy I filled in truthfully and later we then received the revised habitation and fonciere tax bills which had increased 4 fold and 3 fold respectively. Although the impots stated they would not attempt to recover the additional undeclared area before my renovations in they would from then crfa be obliged to set these new levels of tax according to the H1.

So much for honesty. Extra bathrooms do make quite a difference, if you can renovate without a PDC you do not need to inform the tax office of the changes until the work is finished, in some crefa that can take years and your taxes should not change.

If its going up for sale then you can inform the tax office of the changes, I think its still the same rules and you will not get a higher tax bill for a couple of years after you declare the work is finished. You can in principle find out from your mairie as to which rented dwellings are used as cerfw for the establishment of the base cerrfa.


It is also complicated to fill in the H1 formulaire version in your case, I presume no commercial activity included with the dwelling.

The explanatory pages should be studied carefully to look for loopholes. A good idea to get a copy of the H1 Form. Open the following link http: A PDF file will open for you to commence your studies.

Worth putting a copy on the desktop or printing. Honestly I would rather demolish half the house than restore it and pay cerfaa in extra tax a year as we want to own it for at least the next 20 years. Is there not an interactive version of this H1 form ceffa we can model under various scenarios. Cegfa even make a submission on a no names basis? Perhaps as Chancer suggests, I am better off finding someone nice to talk to in the Tax office or even have a quiet chat with the Mayor, however I fear everyone is incentivised ceefa dob me in, perhaps this is just paranoia!

As said, the problems can start when the property comes up for sale or even ariel photography by the cadastre every so many years notices changes too.

Best come clean now I think and avoid any nasties later on plus you will sleep easier too! They seem to be trying to rake in as much as they can at the moment via the taxes.

What is the point of you buying a house here? Would you do cerca in the UK? We renovated a T7; there was no bathroom here cefa we installed two as well as replacing the roof and windows, and doing other fairly major works for which we had permission. Also, the previous owners, bless them, had hugely extended the place in the s without bothering about permission.

This came to light when we submitted a planning application, so we are now paying taxes foncieres for the correct size property and cwrfa extra bathrooms; I believe they increased by a couple of hundred a year…really not worth getting in a sweat about. Refusing to fill this can bring complications, and is not the normal procedure, even if they finally accepted it in your case.

They should not have done so. Now the charges for local tax are very much a local matter, and depend greatly on the financial situation of your Commune Mostly in Socialist Communes, they have no qualms of starting investments with loans up to 50 years, which increase the local debt level, although they really can not afford them. In the neighboring Communes the rates can be quite different. Private valeur locative are at the present state of matters to be reform at the end of F.


It will be based on the present local selling value of premises, which will in parallel necessitate a reform of the local taxes and their percentage. In fact the matter is very explosive and the time may be politically inopportune, which could mean a further postpoingbecause one can expect massive increaseswhich they may try to delay, till a first sale. I didnt write the individual informations down as I had the figures for each stage of the project as areas become converted to habitation but on my next visit I will ask her again, make notes and report.

What I said above about the change to the facade could actually increase the taxes if it improves the property from mediocre to bon etat. But there is currently an orchestrated campaign to increase tax revenue. The commune had, the lady told me, presented a revised H1 for the property reflecting the improvements in comfort, property condition, etc during the period from to I enquired whether to pay the original assessment to the Lille Cedex Office and wait for a refund….

I use the following website as a tool, there is a lot of useful free material; the English version of the site is not so complete. By the way nothing to prevent you attending the local monthly commune Council meeting, it is a public meeting. I will second that last comment although in the past twelve years of being on council,we have had approx less than six times when members of the public have come along to hear something they were concerned about and that was usually a planning or potential development affair.

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Tax Fonciere – do I add that extra bathroom?!

Viewing cerfz posts – 1 through 15 of 28 total. Is xerfa a way of calculating how much tax I would have to pay before investing? Thank you very much. I would lie on top of the stairs and smell the cigar smoke of Castro. Is there a way of calculating how much tax I would have to pay before investing?. X Have you subscribed to our newsletter? Your one-stop guide to buying and living in France.