HMOs and their credentialing agents may accept the electronic CAQH Form UCDS. Provider Application PDF Document · Additional Specialty Supplemental. Click appropriate button to access the Credentialing Application The downloadable file contains the page application and supplemental forms and . The CAQH ID Number Request Form should be completed only by those provider types required to apply for a CAQH ID. (Note: If your provider type is not listed.

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Not having a completed CAQH application will delay your enrollment with the insurance companies, preventing you from getting reimbursed for your services.

Online Standardized Credentialing Application

Do you need help with insurance credentialing? Estimated Time for Completion: We will send you an invoice which you can pay by applicaion, bank draft or credit card.

After making your payment, please complete the below provider application for expedited CAQH services. You will need to complete our provider application which can be downloaded below as part of the process.


The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)

Once completed, please email Julia Chumbley at julia drcred. You may also email us your CV to get started, but we will still need the rest of the information once we begin work on appplication application.

Complete the form below and send to julia drcred. You can also email the file, fax it, or send it via snail mail.

Let us know if you have any problems with the process by emailing us below.

Otherwise known as, the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. This secured information is granted to health insurance companies during the credentialing process to make acquiring up-to-date provider dorm more efficient.

Instead of calling your office for your work history or a copy of your Applicahion License, they can go in and pull it directly from your file. As you know, the insurance credentialing process can be a painful one with all of the various credentialing applications and insurance carriers.

This is where having all of your information in a central database becomes so helpful to the various organizations you work with. In addition to initially attesting, you have applicatiob go back in and attest every 90 days which keeps your application active and provides your contracted insurance carriers with up-to-date credentialing information. You will need to provide them with your personal information and get your account information reset.


Kansas Insurance Department

Often providers do not even know that they have a Forrm number as their employer will obtain it for them. It is still your number and stays with you wherever you go just like your NPI number does.

If you are moving practices or starting your own practice, you will need to be sure to update CAQH with your new information. Most insurance companies now require you to have a CAQH id prior to initiating the credentialing process. Log in Remember me.

Credentialing How do you credential a provider with an insurance company? We will answer all of these questions and more here.