Reduce cycle time. Specially designed to generate minimal cycle time programs. Reduce machine downtime. For dry runs, program entry, program editing and. CADEM CNC programming software reduces cycle time, increases profits. Our software for CNC programming training and CNC machine training imparts CNC . CADEM CNC training software imparts skills rapidly. Includes CNC programming training, CNC simulation software for training, CNC machine simulator.

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Post on Oct 53 views. This software can only be used on a single computer. You may physically transfer the software from one computer to another, provided that the software is used on only computer at a time. You may not electronically transfer the software from one computer to another over a network. You may not distribute copies of the software and its documentation to others.

You may not modify, reverse engineer or translate the software or the documentation without the prior consent in writing from the publishers Cadem Technologies Pvt. You must reproduce and include the copyright notice on the backup copy.

You may not transfer, sell, or lease the license to another party without prior written consent from Cadem. CopyrightThe software and the documentation contain proprietary information, which is protected by copyright. You may not copy the software or its documentation except for backup purpose and to load the software on a computer as part of executing the software. All other copies of the software and its documentation are in violation of the copyright.

The software is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the software is assumed by you. Cadem does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use of, or the results of the use of, the software in terms of its correctness, accuracy, reliability, current ness or otherwise and you rely on the software and its results entirely at your own risk.

CADEM does warrant to the original licensee that the physical media on which the software is recorded be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 3 months from date of delivery evidenced by a copy of your receipt.

Cadems and its distributors entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be replacement, or at Cadems sole discretion, refund of purchase price. If the failure of the media has resulted from abuse, virus or physical damage, then Cadem shall have no responsibility to replace the media under this limited warranty.

This the only warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, with regard to the contents of the software and its documentation, its merchantability, or fitness for a particular use. JurisdictionThis license agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India. Completing all the tutorials typically takes 1 day. You can also try to bypass the tutorials and start using the program through the Wizard interface, icon. The wizard guides you through the steps involved, and you can start invoked through the making your own programs within 1 hour of installing the program.


On your ownCAPSturn is shipped with pre-made sample jobs.

capsturn jobs in jahanabad

You can open these and view the tool path simulation, generate NC programs or cycle times, etc. Reference jobsCustomize CAPSturnBefore starting to seriously use the outputs, you must first customize it to suit your requirement. If you are evaluating the program and do not intend to use its output to cut parts, this step is not required.

PostprocessorsPosts may need capsgurn be configured so that the NC programs generated conform to your programming practices and the format acceptable by your machines.

This program is shipped with a number of posts for popular controllers. These must be tweaked to include your machine data and codes. This tjtorial easy to do. You can do this yourself, or contact us or our resellers for help in making the posts. When you want to generate outputs from the program, you must first select the machine from a list. You must customize this list so that only your machines appear in it.

You can customize the list add any tools you use, or delete tools that you do not require.

Capsturn-CNC Lathe Cycle time calculation & NC Programming Software

Cutting parameters in the database may not be what you normally use. You might wish to modify them to suit your requirement. Get startedYou can either use the Wizard or the regular interface.

The Wizard is easier to use, but does not have some advanced features like Single motions and Subprograms.

We recommend that you use the wizard initially, but switch over to the regular interface once you are proficient in the use of the program. Setup data 1 Select mm for Units, select any Work piece material, and enter this data, leaving the rest unaltered: Documentation Click on the Documentation tab and enter suitable data.

All the data except the Remarks will appear in the NC program and other documents like the cycle time sheet. You can omit any or all it. Anything that you do not enter appears as a blank in the documents.

Click on OK to exit from the Work setup dialog box. Save the File Select File Save. Enter the File name as Shaft. The file will now be saved as Shaft. Values can be entered as fractions. Draw the part Select Draw Quick shaft.

At the prompt Specify the start point enter 0,0 and press Enter. At the prompt Select the direction click on the arrow pointing vertically up. At the prompt Specify X coordinate enter 60 and press Enter. At the prompt Specify Z coordinate enter 80 and press Enter. Enter the following co-ordinates in sequence: Select Rutorial Define Part.

At the prompt Select the first object click on the line shown. Click on Yes at the prompt Create part shape? Define the blank Select Draw Define Blank. Enter the following data and click on OK: In the blank definition screen click on Select contour and then select the contour. We will now do the following machining operations: Rough facing using the Plain face operation Rough turning using the Contour turn operation Finish facing using the Finish face operation Finish turning using the Finish turn operationTo perform a machining operation in CAPSturn: Select the operation Select the tool Select the area to be machined Specify the machining parameters You will find this sequence of steps repeated for every operation.


Specify the machining parameters, and in the operation dialog box click on OK to accept the default data. In the operation dialog box click on OK to accept the default data. Finish facing Select Machining Turning Finish face. Click on New tool. Click on OK to accept the default tool that has been selected.

Enter this data in the operation dialog box, leaving the rest unaltered. Finish turning Select Machining Turning Finish turn. Click on a machine from the list. Work setup, Geometry tutoral, and Machining are independent of any machine. Functions like NC program and cycle time generation require tutroial machine to be selected since they use the machines mechanical data like feed rate limits, spindle speed limits and tool change acpsturn.

View tool path Click on the Toolpath button at the bottom left of the screen.

The mode can be solid or line mode. Simulation can be till the next motion, next tool, next operation or end of the program. The simulation can also be viewed in Single step mode.

The tool moves one step at every click of the mouse or space bar on the keyboard. Use the Zoom and Pan functions for closer inspection of the tool path.

Click on OK in the dialog box that appears. Click on Edit to view the NC program. Select File Exit to exit from the editor. The NC program is saved as a text file with a. Click on Close to exit. If the power values are too small, the bars may not be visible in the graph. View Cycle time sheet Click on Documents Time study sheet. Click on to enlarge the view. Click on the buttons on the left to move between pages. To exit from the cycle time sheet click on Close and then on OK.

View Tools list Click on Documents Tool list. The options are as in the cycle time sheet.

Manual Turn – [PDF Document]

View Tool layout sheet Switch to Machining mode. Click on Documents Tool layout sheet. Click on the arrow buttons to switch between sheets.

Click on in the menu bar to exit. Work setupSetup data 1 Select mm for Units, select any Work piece material, and enter this data, leaving the rest unaltered: Save the File Save the file with tutorlal suitable name.