Köp The New International Monetary System av Charles Wyplosz på Makroekonomia Podrecznik europejski. Charles Wyplosz, Michael Burda. GA Calvo, F Coricelli. Economic Policy 7 (14), , , Makroekonomia. M Burda, C Wyplosz. Podręcznik europejski, PWE, Warszawa, Books by Burda Wyplosz Burda and Wyplosz have produced another excellent textbook, which will . Makroekonomia Podrecznik europejski(3rd Edition).

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Discuss the purpose and method of work of economists.


Consider observation, induction, deduction and scientific criticism. What is economics and how does it differ from other empirical sciences e.

What is the economic law give examples? How do economic laws differ from the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology? What is the economic model? How does the correlation of variables differ from casual connection give examples? Discuss sets types of statistical data used by economists. How do absolute changes differ from relative changes?

On the example of the inflation index discuss the differences between simple and complex indices. What is the difference between the real and nominal value of an amount of money? Give an example in figures.

What is the difference between the present and future value of money? Give a numerical example. Using the competitive market model describe the impact of concurrent supply and demand shocks on the price and quantity of goods. Using the market model, present the impact of a change in the market demand on the situation of a perfectly competitive industry in the short and long term.

Discuss the concept of the consumer surplus, the producer surplus and the total surplus. Give examples of using the concept of surpluses the total surplus, the consumer surplus and the producer surplus in economics.

Show how the competitive market guarantees maximization of the sum of the consumer surplus and the producer surplus. A sales tax has been introduced in a competitive market. In a graph present the distribution of the tax burden on the transaction participants.

What are the factors of the price and income elasticity of supply and demand? Using a preference map and a budget constraint line illustrate the consumer’s decision to choose the best products basket. Using wyplozz preference map and a budget constraint line illustrate the substitution and income effect of a change in the price of goods.

What is the production function of a company? Discuss the differences between the production techniques: What are the fixed and variable production costs? Where does the cost difference in the short and long term come from? What is the difference in the cost of production in accounting and economic terms give an example? Discuss the decision making criteria in a company concerning the size of output mairoekonomia the short and long term.


What are the benefits of the economies of scale and the makroekonommia of scope? Discuss several reasons for the economies of scale? List the main market forms and discuss their most important features. Give two indicators of production concentration in wyplpsz market.

Make a makroekoomia analysis of the perfect competition and monopoly. Use the concept of the total surplus.

Michael Burda – Google Scholar Citations

What is a natural monopoly? Present your answer in the form of a graph. Explain the concept and discuss several methods of regulating natural monopolies. In the form of a graph present profit maximizing of: Discuss profit maximizing of a company operating on the monopolistic competition market in the short and long term.

Referring to the game “prisoner’s dilemma”, discuss the Nash equilibrium. Give an example of the use of the game in economics. Discuss the model of the Cournot duopoly. Discuss the model of the Stackelberg duopoly. What is price discrimination by a company?

Discuss the reasons and give examples. Mqkroekonomia determines the demand of a company for factors of production? Show the equilibrium on the eueopejski market in the perfect competition, monopoly and monopsony. Makroeionomia do trade unions influence poddrcznik labour market, level of wages and volume of employment?

Discuss the impact of interest rates on podrczik household’s decisions about the volume of savings and the impact of wages on labour supply decisions. Discuss the poverty line, the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient. In what way does a fair game differ from a favourable europrjski unfavourable game? How do risk games differ from no risk games? Discuss risk pooling and sharing as methods of reducing risk in the insurance markets.

Discuss several methods of risk reduction consider the insurance market, the capital market and the derivatives market. Show that the perfect competition market guarantees achieving the Pareto efficiency.

Discuss the main forms of market failure. Discuss the causes and forms of the competition protection policy. What is the makrokonomia of the Coase theorem? Discuss the public good and the tragedy of commons. Discuss the information asymmetry as well as merit goods and merit bads. Explain the following concepts: What is the meaning of “the objective of management is efficiency and equity? Discuss the theory of general equilibrium.


What is the Pareto efficiency? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Pareto efficiency as a tool of management description.

What is the government failure? Discuss its main forms. Describe the components and methods of calculating GDP. Makrkekonomia the advantages and disadvantages of GDP as an indicator of bruda welfare. Suggest another indicator of welfare. What determines the volume of consumption in the economy?

Discuss the Keynesian theory and the permanent income theory and the life cycle theory. What determines the level of investment? Discuss the relationship between the size of investment, economic fluctuations and economic growth.

List the key assumptions and provide a description of the demand Keynesian model of economy. What is the autonomous spending multiplier? Give an example of its use for the analysis of the economy.

List the key assumptions and provide description of the classical model of the economy. Discuss the functions of money and the benefits from its existence. Discuss the reasons for the existence of the money demand. How can central duropejski control the money supply?

Discuss operations of the money market with the curves of the money demand and supply. How can central banks directly set interest rates? Discuss the causes of unemployment. Consider natural and involuntary unemployment. Discuss the classical and Keynesians’ views on the causes and ways of combating unemployment. Describe the sources of rigidity “stickiness” of prices and wages. Describe the damage caused by unemployment.

Consider efficiency and equity. Discuss the structure of the IS-LM model. Using the IS-LM model, present the effects of the budget fiscal policy in a closed economy. Using the IS-LM model, present the effects of the monetary policy in a closed economy.

Discuss the structure of the AD-AS model. Using the AD-AS model present the reactions of the economy to demand shocks.

Michael Burda

Using the AD-AS model present the reactions of the economy to supply shocks. Explain causes and ways of combating stagflation. Using the Fisher equation of exchange explain the position of supporters of the quantity theory of money on the causes of inflation.