(Un)arranged Marriage has ratings and 97 reviews. Kirsty said: This is the first book I’ve read for pleasure since I completed my 3rd year at univers. The young-adult novel (Un)Arranged Marriage is the first novel by the British- Indian author Bali Rai (born in Leicester, England). Buy (Un)arranged Marriage UK ed. by Bali Rai (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Dezember Bali Rai: Manny is at the toilettes in the motorway service station at Leicaster Forest East.

(un)arranged marriage

Manny uses the time that he baoi on his own to think about what happened in the last years and about his plan to crash his own wedding. The first part introduces the main character of the book Manny and his life. The part starts with a conflict between Manny and his older brother Ranjit. This conflict is caused by a different point of view concerning culture and traditions.

Manny and his Family are Punjabis living in Britain but in contrast to his family Manny does not feel very Punjabi and behaves like a native British. This difference causes very much problems for Manny and he has no easy life in his family. During part one Manny gets to know Lisa and they start a relationship. Ady and Lisa are very important to Manny because they give him the chance to escape from unararnged problems at home for a while and to talk about these problems.

Manny decides to avoid this marriage with all his might. Part two The second part of the novel is about Manny living out his rebellious side following his plan to make himself as unsuitable as possible. Manny decided to make himself unsuitable for possible in-law-families by behaving raai. The other effect of his rebellious and even criminal behaviour is that it causes many other problems. He gets in conflict with the police because of shoplifting, in school his grades become worse and his girlfriend is not happy about his behaviour as well.


Nevertheless they are still very happy in their relationship and even experience their first time. The situation changes after Manny got expelled from school because of being drunk in school. After a long time of being arrested at home and not having any contact to Lisa she decided to quit their relationship. What he does not know yet is that his parents have not planned to take him back to Unarranges after these eight weeks.

The arrival is a big shock rau Manny. Till this time he could not imagine what the poverty in India is raai and in which conditions the people live. When he arrives in Adumpur, the village his family lives in, Manny meets the part of his family living in India and the lower caste family working for them for the first time. His 8 weeks stay in India he spends with helping at the farm work in the mornings and chilling with his cousin Inderjit the rest of the day.

One day his uncle Gurvinder decides to go on an outing with Manny and Inderjit.

(un)arranged marriage

It is the first time Manny does something outside of Adumpur. When he arrives back he realizes that his family left him alone in India hoping he will change his vali behaviour here. Back home from India Manny starts to work in a supermarket to earn some money and to spend his time away from his family.


He also meets Ady and Lisa again. Together with Ady Manny works on a plan to avoid his wedding and to take revenge on his family. At home he acts like he had become a good Punjabi man and he follows all traditions that belong to an Indian wedding.

Than, at the day of his wedding, he leaves the Punjabi temple, where the wedding should take marriafe, and runs down the street where Ady picks him up with a car and he can escape. It is two years ago since the day he crashed his wedding and escaped from his family and he does not regret anything. Lisa takes a year off and travels around the Far East.

(Un)Arranged Marriage

He has a new matriage called Jenny. They are into a lot of the same things and Manny likes her very much.

Manny still works at the supermarket and waits to retake his GCSEs. To his family he has no contact anymore. They ignore Manny and pretend that he has never existed but nevertheless he is a bit afraid of them trying to make him go back. Eingestellt ujarranged Chris um Abonnieren Kommentare zum Post Atom.