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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Revit compared to Allplan. Login to Give a bone. I think the only rival to Revit is Allplan. Nevertheless we must respect our worthy enemies Can anyone thoroughly compare Revit with Allplan? Arhcicad there anybody who knows both software?

Blog – Twinmotion

Somebody who can forget he is in love with Revit for a while and compare it objectively with Allplan! A Good site which your topic reminded me of is www.

I havn’t used it personally. This quote is from a review in Cadserver – 19 April B ruce G ow. Having looked at Allplan and even ordered the demo, I saw that it would take a lot of training for most users to learn. It appears to be an excellent modeller. One thing I like about Revit is that it’s not modular — everything you need is there, and if it’s not there, you whine for it and maybe they’ll give it to you!


Allplan is barely used in North America.

If you have some Allplan users around, I’d check it out in their awtuces Some have looked at Revit and thought that it didn’t have enough depth because the simplicity of the interface gave them that notion. This is totally wrong. Since it’s user knowledge of software that matters as much as the software itself — or perhaps more — I would recommend the more common product in your locale. If neither are around, I think you’ll find Revit easier to learn and the support outstanding.

Tutorial Archicad from A to Z Part 1 (fr) Introduction

I have seen Agchicad demo’d by staff and it looks very impressive. It is not clera to me whether it handles larger projects better than Revit or simply has a longer history so more large projects have been undertaked using it, but their publicity material certainly benefits from a range of real models of BIG schemes. No doubt this is a marketing thing too as one sale of twenty seats is a better return on sales investment than twenty sales of single seats.

In the right archicav it looked like a very slick tool, but I suspect that in the ‘wrong’ hands Revit probably does a whole lot more! You might find the below link interesting, those Allplan guys have the same discussions about which one is the best.

About to leave AutoCad – is Allplan for me?

You would probably encounter the same scenario in an ArchiCAD forum In general, those Allplan guys appear to be equally unware of Revit as this forum’s Revit users of Allplan, arguments such as ” That left Revit and Allplan. However, having tried the demo, we noticed that whilst this package was easy to user, I remember telling my boss that it was a drawing package for dummies, it too lacked the depth we required from a package Allplan really seems to be limited in where it’s being used.


I do know a couple of people here in Vancouver from Europe who used Allplan over there and they say it’s fairly hard to learn, and that you had to be careful with the model — you could blow it up fairly readily, they said. But these are features of any building model as far as I’m concerned. I would really like to see a Revit vs. Bonjour, C’est deux logiciels qui se ressemblent: Plan plafond, -Niveau 0, -Niveau 1, etc.

Gros oeuvre, Tout voir, Sanitaire, Charpente, etc. Les smartparts – Allplan: Last edited by machares. A My French is not that good.

astuuces Is there a translate button in the Forums? B This thread is almost 10 years old. Think I read that Allplan can import pdf’s into a view Michael “MP” Patrick “I only drink: Revit compared with By nsinha73 in forum Revit Architecture – General.