For nearly 60 years, Andrew White has committed John Coltrane’s solos to “ They are very accurate, bare-bones transcriptions,” says Lewis. White is an authority on the music of John Coltrane. he has created and published transcriptions of the jazz master’s solo improvisations. By Andrew N. White, III. On September 23, , I released for public con- sumption, The Works of John. Coltrane, Volumes 11 and 12,. New Transcriptions.

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White established himself in the jazz world in playing saxophone in D. White is also known for his sense of humor: What brings you up from Washington D.

I am very happy to do it!

How have these relationships developed over the years? This is a mature band.

Andrew White III Speaks | Jazz Speaks

Steve was actually the bass player on my last New York performance in at Lincoln Center: Where does the Coltrane catalogue stand these days? Is it still a work in progress?


Therefore, my catalogue is not laid out chronologically in terms of when Coltrane played everything. Back in September 23 rd, we released Trane 15, our fifteenth volume of John Coltrane transcriptions. The Book, which serves as a companion to the transcriptions.

Solo Transcriptions (Sax) « saxopedia

This book is based on the resolution by the Washington D. Do you keep up with all three of your instruments: I retired as an oboe player in with my last performance being at Lincoln Center with the American Ballet Theatre. I did do some bass work again starting in for about 10 years or so: As I have three basses and two amplifiers, I pick them yranscriptions from time-to-time for maintenance purposes. I might change my mind and decide I want to come out and do something with it.

Solo Transcriptions (Sax)

How do you feel about the present state of the D. While the jazz music scene might be small down here in terms of its contribution to the local economy, we do have a lot going on in terms of jazz education programs.


The scene has changed tremendously. Actually, this would be a great opportunity to preview an upcoming release that has yet to be publicized.

It was a unique work because choirs typically serve as the meat of an orchestration, but in this case the solo alto saxophone played a larger role. Bryan did such a stellar job that I was inspired to create colltrane demonstration anthology of selections, spread out over 50 categories of my own compositions from until present.

It will be a series of eight CDs. Coltrans will be coming out later this year as well.

Sets are at 9 and 11 p.