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This website started back in as a blog about the lives and times of Indians living abroad.

About the things they do, the things that affect their lives, about how they perceive India and their reactions to events happening back home. India — from the eyes of a non resident outsideri used to call it back then. You can read the original amreekandesi about page here. Living away from home gives you a new perspective on the state sesi affairs. It makes your heart pine for the country. It makes you sad every time you read a report about the latest gruesome murder in Delhi.

It makes you want to do something for the country. It makes you want to change stuff. It makes you responsible. It makes your chest swell amrdekan pride every time you hear about that woman who gave up a fancy job to teach poor children in a UP village. I lived in the US for 5 years, and then moved back to return to where i really belonged.

We may talk about belonging to the security council and lap up flats that cost a crore, but the fact is that politics and corruption have eaten our insides.

amreekan desi

And ultimately it is the fault of all of us. Which brings us to satire. Satire has been employed since ancient times to vent our frustration about things that bother us, without really calling a spade a spade. Or a corrupt politician a corrupt politician.


In simple words, satire is the truth sugar-coated in humor to blunt the impact. Or increase it, depending on how you look at it. You cant survive in India without a sense of humor. Most of the posts on this site are satirical in nature. This takes the form of secret diariesopen lettersand fake news among others. Read other posts deesi as satire here. All the posts are just my reaction to events happening in the country.

Behind it all there is a heady mix of pain, frustration, desperation, at times even admiration. It is all meant in good humor.

No ill will intended. No malice meant against anyone, well, mostly. Less than 13 years of age 2. Have strong political views 3. Belong to the Congress amreekaj [Ok just kidding.

About | AmreekanDesi

ANY political party] 4. Dont have a sense of humor. Follow amreekandesi on Twitter. Like the edsi facebook page. Drop me a note: Trust me, nothing feels better than to hear words of appreciation from amrefkan who like your work. Biggest of all, you can buy my upcoming book Amrekean — Masters of America here. Especially if you make sure you get 5 people to buy the book, and they convince 5 more people to buy it, and so on.

Thanks for visiting Amreekandesi! If you amreekqn this post, please help inflate my ego by subscribing to the feed and get regular updates. My second novel ‘Democrazy’ is out now.

This one is a political satire taking on the holy cows of modern India. You can buy it at Amazon or at your favorite store. I appeciate your views and sentiments. Your about page also describes the pain and the pangs I have felt for almost last 30 years. I salute you and all the doers and want to contribute in some way with my own initiatives, one such is http: Glad that I stumbled upon this blog…lots of interesting stuff that I can personally relate to.


I had returned to India from US in after spending 11 years there. Left India again in so not sure what I would call myself — ex-R2I: I have recently started a blog myself — http: I would like to introduce myself as a freelancer and hence I am interested in offering you high quality articles paid content for publication on your great site.

Let me know if you would be interested in this. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of new posts by email.

The Enchantress on December 20, at 3: May God Bless you. Reji Stephenson on March 8, at I have been looking for this type of a blog for long time and I am happy that I saw one. Looking forward to comeback and read more posts from this blog. Curious Desi on July 1, at 6: Hi, Warm greetings of the day! Looking forward to hear from you soon. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Top Posts 10 Lessons From 3 Idiots. The Great Indian Middle Finger. Laptop for 10 Dollars.

Mai Tuanu Janda Haan. The Lesson of Geeta – Twitter Edition. India’s Got Talent – Harihar Dash.

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Most of what is written here is in a satirical tone. If it hurts your sensibilities, I sincerely apologize. Magazine Basic theme designed by Themes by bavotasan.

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