From Acegi security to Spring security (draft). It’s draft version. I’m going to update it but most of info already here). Udgrade main. Enter the Acegi Security framework, an open source security framework designed for Spring. Created by Ben Alex, the framework has begun to gather a loyal. I am confused in choosing spring security or acegi security I came to know that acegi security is developed using spring and now called as.

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Posted in JavaJSF. Being very green behind the ears to JSF and Spring how would that fit into the authentication-provider model? Would it be possible to see a full example of s;ring solution? Any way of getting a little more of your sample code? The BadCredentialsException is actually not caught, but is saved in the HttpSession object by Spring Security which is why you get it out with a key.

Spring Security

So whenever your Login page is about to render, you need to check for that stored Exception object and handle your processing before the render response phase. This being known, you can use the PostConstruct annotation see my example above in order to do the Exception processing, and add a FacesMessage to the queue.

I wasnt redirect nowhere?

Can you publish all source code for this example please? Let me know if this helped solve your problem, or if you could post more details that would be great. This post is a good basic spring-security intro: If your doLogin method is not being called. Make sure that you have properly configured your LoginBean with faces-config. So, LoginBean seems to be working for now. But there is other issue. From login page I am everytime redirect to failure-url.

This probably means that your authentication is failing. But it seems that values from these fields are not propagated to processing. It should be coming in a few days. While I have the general spring security login acgei working I have tried your example but when I run the app I get java.

I got the example working and if I try to access a secured page via the browser address text field it opens the login page. But when I try to enter the secured page via the faces-config. Is this the intended behavior? Are navigation rules outside the control of Spring Security? Yes, unless you do a redirect in your navigation case. You should be able to fix this by adding the redirect property to the navigation cases in your faces-config. I am new to JSF so I hope you do not mind me asking if doing redirects all the time for security reasons is advisable e.


A few comments have asked for further code samples on how to get this example working. I am now able to display the login page but when I click the login during a debug session and step into the doLogin method when Securitty reach the dispatcher.

I had the same problem using MyFaces 1. I want to try this later today…. Im new in Acegi thanks in advance. I also posted at Aceig Community Forums hoping for additional help. I can eecurity things to successfully authenticate against a test user-servicebut the forward call is not working. If I return null from doLogin, I remain at the login page.

If I remove the redirect, no navigation.

What Is Spring Security? –

I just tried your example and most part of it worked very well, except the bad credential part. When I input the wrong password, the web page still stay in login page but with no error message.

Any idea how to solve this problem? You just tried the basic example that we put up for download? What are you running on? I downloaded the latest code from your site. When i run it i see the home page. What can be the problem here. It depends on the address where the app is deployed. And it is case sensitive. Internal they will be sth. I set up my app this way and got it working as desired in a few minutes. The only issue i am facing problems with is the bad credentials display on the login page.

My BB, request scoped and managed by spring, will not be instantiated after AuthenticationProvider. By this the handleErrorMessage is not called via PostConstruct. To solve this, i bound a BB-property username to my login-page input field. The only problem i am still faced with is that the instantiation of my BB occurs when jsf is already rendering the response and therefore occurs on rendering my input-field.

This is by far too late, as i drop the messages on the page via h: Any suggestions on how i can get the messages rendered before rendering the input field? Is it possible as you stated, to omit the binding login-page to BB — and if — how do i get the BB be instantiated this way on redirect to login-page?

Thanks for your reply, but your suggestion did not solve my problem. After i entered the wrong username and password on my login page and submitted the form via a click on my login-button, the sequence of the method calls is as follows: By this no FacesMessage is created. If i bind the login. The redirect to the login-page causes login. In the rendering phase jsf tries to resolve the binding and therefore constructs a new as we have request scope LoginBB 7.


I figured out that if i submit the wrong credentials two times click the login-button again the message will secondly be displayed correctly as desired.

Try this version and see if it works for you. This works for me, so you might just have to do a zpring tweaking…. Was there anything conclusive in the messages not displaying? I am then back to the first senario where the first attempt to fail authentication displays no message. I would really love to put this one to bed — is this a viable solution Spring Security for securing my JSF application or not!?! I wish Dpring could help you two. Everything is working fine for us.

Does this plug in come with Spring Acevi I was wondering if you could tell me how to add Sp. I would really appreciate it. If you do then you have it. If not go here: You can copy the contents of the zip file into a sample project and try and run it. Derek, what IDE do you use? I want to learn spring framework with the spring security. Can you help me with that please?

I do very much like prettyfaces though and love the flexibility it gives. Would be great to have a solution to fully include Spring Security.

What is the reason for doing so?

Can you please explain? Will it be used since login is always processed by LoginBean which forwards it to spring-security-check url. The solution — that appears in that blog entry — has been […].

Dear Sir, 5 years have passed since you wrote this Tutorial. So please write a new tutorial with spring security4,hibernate4,jsf2. It will be very much helpful to newbies like me. Mail will not be published. Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment from appearing. There is no need to resubmit your comment. Fork our code on GitHub! Subscribe to our newsletter Events Calendar News Forums.

FacesContext ; import javax.

PhaseEvent ; import javax. PhaseId ; import javax. BadCredentialsException ; import org. October 9, at 6: October 10, at 9: